Category 6A Cable U/FTP External Grade Fca PE - 500m Reel

The Excel External Category 6A Screened (U/FTP) Cable is designed to offer performance with the protection to allow it to be installed externally, and is ideal for connecting external equipment such as IP cameras or Wireless Access Points using a cable that can be installed into external ducts and pathways. Each cable consists of two sets of two pairs are wrapped together in an "S" configuration with high quality, strong, aluminium/polyester foil tape providing screening for each pair. The "S" Foil configuration ensures separation of the pairs that ensures the performance. The individual pairs are set to different lay lengths to ensure optimum performance. The print legend on the cable now includes information regarding the DOP number, Test and Classification of the cable for traceability.


Category 6A; "S" foil screen; External duct grade Polyethylene outer sheath; Sequential metre markings; Suitable for 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications; Euroclass Fca; Specified to 500MHz